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Sonwater 2021

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the Story

Tasting Notes

Sunlight and water, two powerful forces of nature beyond man's control. But, when favoured with the perfect balance, these two components create the essence of farming.

Sonwater is an expression of the gratitude experienced when this balance is found by capturing water and sunlight in the form of wine.

Sonwater 2021 was inspired by the famous 1960’s Lieberstein blend and consists of Chenin Blanc and Clairette Blanche. Contrary to its counterpart, Sonwater is not a semi-sweet wine and boast with fresh acidity and a zesty dry palate. On the nose notes of white pear and lemon meringue lingers, followed by a citrus finish.

Technical Stuff

Naturally fermented
Barrel Aged for 10 months

WO: Swartland
Alc: 12.5%

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